For wholesale orders the ratio for each style may vary, however we will always tell you which pack is available for each style you purchase. There are four different size packs that we offer across the whole range. For certain styles we may only be able to offer certain packs but we will always try our best to accommodate your needs.

All our UK sizes will be a standard size unless stated otherwise. We do offer some styles in a wide fit which will always be clearly noted on the items you are purchasing, however for any queries feel free to get in touch with our sales team.

Size Packs:

A/Z14 Pack: UK Sizes 3-8, ratio 1-2-4-4-2-1 = 14 pairs

B: UK Sizes 3-7, ratio 1-3-5-4-1 = 14 pairs

C: UK Sizes 4-8, ratio 1-4-4-3-2 = 14 pairs

D/Z18 Pack: UK Sizes 3-8, ratio 1-2-5-5-3-2 = 18 pairs


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