How To Wear Heels More Comfortably

If you've ever worn a pair of heels for an extended length of time you'll know how uncomfortable they can get. We've had some gorgeous heels in stock over time but we know that not everyone loves wearing them. We thought we'd give you our tips on making them a little less painful and easier to walk in. Our tips may vary depending on the heel style but we've done some research and tested these to ensure that they work. 

  1. A thicker sole may make it more comfortable as there's a thicker layer between your foot and the ground. Platform heels and chunky soles will be kinder to your feet. 
  2. Taping your 3rd and 4th toes together may take some pressure of the balls of your feet. This won't work with open toe heels but for court shoes and closed toe heels this may work for you. 
  3. Consider where you'll be walking and whether it's hard or soft ground. So if you'll be walking on grass or cobblestones then consider wearing chunky heels that are less likely to get stuck or sink in to grass. 
  4. Gel or padded inserts for closed toe shoes, whether it's for the heel or toes, this may make them a lot more comfortable. 
  5. If your new heels are slippery from the sole, consider using sandpaper on them before they're worn to prevent them from slipping. 
  6. Blow dry your heels to break in a new pair. The heat will help them expand and just get a little more comfortable. 
  7. Wear them indoors for a few hours with thick socks on to break in the areas that would otherwise pinch your feet.
  8. Platform heels are generally more comfortable as you've got the added height but the angle isn't as sharp. If you can style platforms thee may be better for wearing during longer periods of time. 
  9. Use heel grips for narrow feet as this will prevent them from sliding around and rubbing against the edge of the shoe that would usually cause blisters.
  10. If you think your shoes will slip off then wear something that has extra support such as an adjustable ankle strap.

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