Footwear Maintenance & Care Advice

  1. None of our footwear is waterproof unless stated otherwise.
  2. Don't machine wash any of our shoes unless clear instructions have been provided. 
  3. Alternate your shoes in between wears to let them breathe 
  4. Do not use sharp objects on or near your shoes.
  5. Wear new shoes at home with chunky socks to break them in.
  6. If you get your shoes wet, do not dry them on top of the radiator as this will reduce the longevity, instead stuff the insides with newspaper or paper towels to soak up the water.
  7. Try a water repellent spray for shoes to make them longer lasting in wet and damp conditions. 
  8. For marks and stains on rubber compartments use a plain rubber eraser to remove these. 
  9. Insert unused teabags into gym shoes and leave them overnight to help reduce any odour.
  10. Use nail polish remover with a cotton bud to remove any black scratches on leather.
  11. Sand down the soles to prevent them from being too shiny and slippery. 
  12. If you've stepped in gum use ice to harden the gum which will then be easier to remove. 
  13. Use a wooden shoe tree to keep shoes in shape for longer. 
  14. A pillowcase could be a great dust bag if you need to keep your shoes protected. 
  15. Replace worn down soles by taking your shoes to a cobbler before they get to the point of being unfixable. 

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