How To Store Your Footwear And Get Organised

Have you ever spent the mornings searching for that pair of shoes you swear you saw the other day? Maybe you're tired of finding an old pair of boots in your wardrobe with scuff marks you've never seen.

With Spring cleaning just around the corner we thought it would be a great time to give you our tips on shoes storage, looking after them at home and utilising wardrobe space whilst making sure they're easily in your reach when you're getting dressed for the day. 

  • Don't throw your shoes on the floor of your wardrobe even though it may be easier, they'll be harder to find buried under the clothes when you're getting dressed every day. 
  • Don't use a wire shoe rack even though it may be a cheaper option, they're actually not a great option especially for any shoes with a heel.
  • Split your shoes into two categories, the ones that you wear daily and the ones that you only reach for on special occasions. 
  • The ones that you don't tend to wear a lot can be stored out of reach, maybe more higher up so they're out of the way.
  • The ones that you do wear almost every day can be split into categories such as workwear, walking shoes, weekend dinner date shoes etc. This will make it easier as you'll be able to see all your options when you're deciding what to wear.
  • If you're going to store your shoes in boxes then use clear boxes so they're visible. Otherwise you'll forget that they exist or waste time looking for them when you need them. 
  • If you decide to use the original shoe boxes for storage or something that isn't clear then you could label the boxes with a description or a photo of the shoes. 
  • You could make your own DIY storage for sandals with wire hangers. Click here for the quick tutorial on Pinterest. If you're worried about the sharp ends then attach some blue tack or tape to soften them.
  • For knee high boots use an old magazine or newspaper rolled up to keep the upper in shape. 
  • A bench in your hallway if you have the space can double up as a shoe rack if it has multiple shelves. 

 We know that everyone has different storage spaces depending on their homes and some of these may not work for you. However if you'd like any tips specifically on the type of space you have please do let us know. 

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