Essential Shoes That Will Go With Everything In Your Wardrobe

So many of us are now downsizing our wardrobes and going for a more minimalistic vibe. Less clutter around us means a more clear mind so we thought we'd pick out our favourite styles that go with most clothes in a woman's wardrobe.

You can pick and choose the ones that best work with your style or adapt and change it to something similar, these are just our picks of staple footwear pieces. We offer a lot of these styles all year round and some of them sell out so quickly so make sure you keep an eye on our New In!


  1. Classic White Trainers - A pair of white lace up trainers will work with everything from loungewear, jeans and a jumper, skirt co-ords and even floaty summer dresses. They're great for city breaks that will have you walking a lot no matter the weather.
  2. Slip On Trainers - These are also good for everyday wear especially if you'll be taking your shoes off in places such as the airport security and don't want to be re-doing laces. 
  3. Black Ankle Boots - A pair (or two) of ankle boots will see you through a working day at the office to a dinner date in the evening. Perfect for packing in your suitcase for weekends away as they can go with jeans, dresses, leggings and skirts with various lengths.
  4. Flat Sliders - A casual pair of sliders is great for slipping on during the warm months and packing in a suitcase as they're so lightweight. They look great with so many summer outfits whether it's shorts, dresses or beachwear. 
  5. Sleek Heeled Mules - These look great with office attire and also a dinner and drinks evening if you don't want to be too dresses up in heels. 
  6. Strappy Barely There Heels - Whether you prefer a pair in black, nude, white or a clear pvc heeled sandal, these are a must-have for special occasions when you want to dress up or for a night out.
  7. Loafers - A staple pair of loafers always looks great with office attire or even casual weekend outfits. You could swap these for some loafer mules that would also work with similar outfits.
  8. Court Heels - A little more suitable for the colder months and they look a bit more smarter than strappy heeled sandals. Court heels can be great for weddings and special events.
  9. Espadrille Wedges - We love a good wedge heel for Summer! A great alternative for heels that would just end up sinking in the grass if you're outdoors. They work with shorts, trousers and dresses and are so comfortable that you can wear them all day. They're also a great holiday staple. 
  10. Chunky Boots - Casual lace up boots are great for everyday wear and for running errands such as dog walks or trips to the supermarket when it's freezing. They look good with anything from leggings, jeans and loungewear so if you're a fan of chunky cleated heels these will be a must-have!

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