Tips For Packing Footwear For A Holiday

We've all been itching to get back to planning a getaway, whether locally or abroad. And although the actual experience is amazing, the packing may not be stress-free for all of us. Footwear can take up a lot of room depending on the style and it can also be some of the heaviest items in your suitcase. So we're giving you some of our tips on packing them in the most efficient way possible. This will of course vary depending on the destination and the length of stay so you may want to switch things up. 


  • Choose footwear that goes with most of your outfits. Think lots of neutral colours, versatility in style etc and how comfortable they are for every activity. A pair of white trainers will go with most outfits during the day and you could even dress them up for the evening depending on the style. 
  • If you're short for space then make sure to wear your most bulky pair at the airport if possible. This will save you space especially if you're only taking hand luggage. 
  • A pair of boots or chunky footwear for a city break should be stuffed with socks or small items of clothing. This will keep them in shape as well as save you space. 
  • Use a laundry bag or canvas tote bag to keep dirty shoes in so they don't ruin any clothes. A shower cap may also work for flat shoes. 
  • Shoe trees can help to keep delicate shoes in tact and you can get some lightweight ones which are more suited to travel. 
  • Choose versatile footwear such as espadrilles for a city and beach break or a wedge sandal which can be dressed up for the evening but is also casual enough to wear during the day. A wedge heel is also much easier to walk in so may be better for city breaks with cobble streets. 
  • Can you choice of footwear be durable during weather change? The weather may not always be as planned so even if you've packed for dry weather make sure some of your footwear pieces are also suitable for a bit of drizzle etc. 
  • Comfort is key! Make sure any shoes you've packed have been broken into and are comfortable, especially if you will be walking quite a bit. 

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